Car Stickers Available

Mukuti Stud
3 Rue Belon, Montclair
7130 Somerset West

To all Alpaca breeders, -owners, -lovers


Just the thing you might want to add to your ‘must have’ list: a sticker for your car, your trailer or for your new license disk.

We found that it is very irritating when transporting alpacas where other vehicles are driving too close to your car. With the approval of the SAABS committee we’ve designed some very nice stickers to put onto your trailers / trucks - they certainly will caution other drivers to keep a good following distance - and the license disks are handy for your license renewal - or as a gift to friends and family.

ORDERS can be sent to my e-mail address:
you can go onto our website >

Once we’ve received your order, you’ll receive an invoice including postage and handling. Postage will be according to the Post Office relevant weights of envelopes, i.e.
Standard: up to 250 gram
B5: up to 500 gram
Should you order more than one sticker, obviously the postage is for the lot and not each sticker + postage!

When ordering, please clearly state how many and which stickers you would like and don't forget to clearly write your postal address.

1. SAABS Disc a Disc holder / Sticker for general use – R6.50

2. SAABS Caution A = Size 185 x 124 mm Stickers for the INSIDE of the window = R22.00
3. SAABS Caution B = Size 185 x 124 mm Stickers for the OUTSIDE of windows, trucks and trailers = R18.00

Kind regards,
Verena Hinsch