Feedback from a very successful 160th Royal Agriculture Show 2011.

Our main objective was to promote and make the general public aware of the alpaca breed in the RSA. This we certainly achieved, mostly due to the input from the SAAB Society and those who helped to produce a very professional document. We reproduced & distributed approximately 600 pamphlets to those who showed an interest & to the teachers of the many schools who visited our stand with their pupils.
Peter John Garbutt provided us with an alpaca banner, knitwear & photo's of his mini mill which we displayed.
Gavin Lindhorst provided us with information related to the first importation of alpacas into the RSA by him.
Lastly, James Brodie provided us with info regarding alpacas used by sheep farmers as guard animals. This generated quite a bit of interest by those sheep farmers who attended our stand.
Many thanks to you all for your input which made our task so much easier to achieve our objective.

Just a few snippets from the show.

An approximate total of 196000 people attended this years show. (info obtained from Sheila of the Show Society)
It was rather amusing to hear what names the alpacas were referred to - emu's; sheep with long necks; Llamas; baby camels & small giraffes, even a dog. I obviously set the record straight!

The Sheep & Wool Expo section received the Gold Medallion Award Certificate For Display of which we were part of. Each stand was presented with a certificate and I attach a copy.

An article (attached) also appeared in the regional Maritzburg Sun newspaper dated 10th June with the heading " Alpaca mania at the Royal Show" I provided the journalist with your document as well as the printed brochure we received from you. She also posed a few questions which I answered. One or two of the remarks in her article were slightly off the mark, but we were grateful for the coverage. A copy of the article is also attached.

The Minister of Transport, Minister Sibusiso Ndebele, made an unannounced visit to the show. Being a farmer, he was quite taken in by the alpacas when he visited our stand. He spent a lengthy period of time asking questions & taking photos.

I also attach a few photos taken by us for interest sake.
(see Gallery)
Many thanks & kind regards.

Neels van Rooyen
Rolling Hills Alpacas