ALPACAFelt at Design Indaba again

After a hugely successful Expo last year, I am exhibiting again, would love to see some of you there!

Stand No 1112, Fashion Sector

PO Box 106, Montagu, 6720, South Africa
Tel/Fax: 023-6142674 Cell: 0724320781

Car Stickers Available

Mukuti Stud
3 Rue Belon, Montclair
7130 Somerset West

To all Alpaca breeders, -owners, -lovers


Just the thing you might want to add to your ‘must have’ list: a sticker for your car, your trailer or for your new license disk.

Female Farmer/Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2010

Alison Notley was, on Friday 6 August 2010, presented with the top award for the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Smallholder (livestock) section. She will now go on to compete in the national championships to be held in Port Elizabeth later this month.

This follows in the footsteps of Jan Jamieson who I believe won this prestigious award in 2006. A timely boost for the alpaca industry after the World cup has diverted people’s attention from everyday events.

Alpaca Market at Helderstroom Alpacas, Villiersdorp

We enjoyed a lovely morning with Chris and Alison and their Helderstroom Alpacas. The market was very well attended despite some dark clouds and a whiff of rain. The temperature started to remind everyone of the arrival of winter, just the right time to buy some soft, warm and precious Alpaca shawls, jerseys, gloves and baby boeties. We were spoilt with lovely cakes, coffees and pizza. There was musical entertainment, fresh farm produce for sale and a wonderful garden with lots of chairs and loungers to rest and relax while watching alpacas.

Design Indaba

Well done to Novello Alpacas and Thanks to Eva for the photographs!


Breeding alpacas in the Karoo? Yes, far from their home in the lofty Andes of South America, they have adapted well. In Peru, many millions are bred way above the snowline for their fabulous fleece, which, dyed and exported is major foreign exchange earner. In South Africa there are a few thousand in small flocks kept mostly for their beautiful fibre which is spun or felted in many cottage-industries. Their beauty and calm temperaments with people make them popular as pets; whilst many live as guards with herds of sheep and goats, as they viciously attack jackal and rooikat.


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